Shifting Gears: How Advanced Technology and AI Are Driving Property Maintenance into the Future | Mezo

October 7, 2023

Advanced technology and AI, is driving property maintenance into the future

The rapidly evolving landscape of prop-tech –including increased competition from the sharing economy and other disruptors– is a double-edged sword: it has simultaneously created exciting opportunities and unforeseen challenges for landlords and property managers alike. The combination of high stakes and high speed has encouraged owners to pivot toward technology as they reimagine how they run their businesses.

This shift makes sense; advanced technology platforms like Mezo’s Maintenance Intelligence enable owners to optimize their maintenance processes and nudge the value chain left. Most importantly, it helps accelerate and expand the capacity and capability of finite resources—maintenance labor—rather than replacing them with something more costly, less effective, or with less of a personal touch.

The Heartbeat of Your Property

Maintenance is the heartbeat of your property. To mix metaphors for a moment (if we may), it’s the engine that keeps your building running smoothly, the north star guiding you to your destination, and the air conditioner keeping your residents happy. However, property maintenance teams might spin their wheels without the right technology partner, costing you money and residents.
The question then becomes: what’s the most impactful way to reimagine maintenance? Here at Mezo, the answer is marrying intelligent technology, including AI, with the personal touch to drive innovative advancements in maintenance process and insight.  Or what we’ve coined Maintenance Intelligence.  We believe the right technology can help improve the experience for residents, technicians and owners, operators and property managers. That’s why we’ve built a Maintenance Intelligence platform that leverages proprietary machine-learning algorithms and predictive analytics, NLP, LLM, OCR and more, to help extend every dollar our customers spend on maintenance by ten-fold.

Why Your Property Management System Can’t Do This

Where does your maintenance labor time go? Many tools give insights into different aspects of productivity (ex., time tracking or scheduling software), but the whole story can take more work to discern. Most property management systems (PMSs) can’t support real-time maintenance intelligence because they’re missing foundational elements that drive dynamic decisioning; they can’t bridge the gap between a resident’s knowledge/visibility into what’s happening and the maintenance diagnostics offered by a technician on site.
You lose all efficiencies and cost savings opportunities if you can’t get clear visibility into what’s wrong and why until after the tech or vendor has been dispatched and made a diagnostic visit. Without this data, no amount of automation can drive dynamic decisioning.

Automated Processes, Work Flows, and Digital Communications Aren’t Enough

What’s the fix? Automating the monotonous, repetitive tasks performed by maintenance ops and technicians is a good start and can save you some time. However, they’re not enough to stop your maintenance teams from spending a lot of effort with little to no results. These systems are designed to do the same thing over and over. They can’t solve problems independently, learn from their mistakes, or improve themselves. And they certainly can’t solve complex problems or take the initiative to resolve issues without being instructed by a human being. They don’t have the cognitive intelligence to do these things…yet.

The Solution: Automated Systems That Think Like Humans Primed With All the Relevant Data

The real solution is to combine automation with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies that allow your maintenance ops and technicians to access the correct information they need at the right time. That way, they can focus on solving problems instead of wasting time gathering information manually from disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other. The right technology partner will save you money and offer you more control over how your property is managed daily. That way, you can focus on more important matters, like growing your business!

Mezo Is Leading AI-Powered Property Maintenance Innovation

At Mezo, we're leading the way with Maintenance Intelligence that reimagines what's possible, making property maintenance transparent, seamless, and easy for everyone involved. Mezo combines advanced AI with decades of property maintenance subject matter expertise to accelerate property maintenance innovation for Multifamily, Student-Housing and Single-Family.
By eliminating inefficiencies that exist in traditional property maintenance, Mezo's maintenance platform is simultaneously improving the Resident experience, supercharging Maintenance teams and delivering unparalleled cost savings & operational visibility to Owners, Operators and Property Managers. Learn more about Mezo by checking out our latest blog series, or contacting our team at

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