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We’re a modern maintenance company that partners with operators and their staff to help residents better articulate their maintenance needs for faster resolutions. Our Intelligent IntakeTM platform makes one-trip resolution possible… or even no trip at all.

our story

Needed a Fix

While Mezo was founded in 2020 our story starts in 2014. Co-founder and CEO Mike Travalini was challenged to improve maintenance at early SFR market leader Waypoint Homes (now known as Invitation Homes.) Maintenance ops on almost 20,000 homes nationally was complex, inefficient, and expensive. Technicians never had the visibility they needed before arriving onsite, resulting in multiple trips and wasted hours every day. There had to be a better way.

Fast forward several years and not much had changed. Early into 2020, Trav connected with John Botica, who had been helping clients on transformative technologies as a consultant at Bain & Company and was exploring the maintenance space after a painful personal home repair experience. After comparing notes, the two decided to team up and build a novel solution. And so Mezo was born. 

John and Mike launched Mezo in late 2020 to find a better way to empower residents and technicians to understand and quickly fix their home maintenance issues. Erin joined them shortly after from a healthcare startup, whose telehealth innovations had surprising parallels to home maintenance. Today we’re a team of 20, and we’re growing fast. Interested in joining? Learn more about what openings we have available.

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Authentic Connections
Remote and IRL

At Mezo, we embrace individual talents that go beyond our job descriptions. We look for teammates who enjoy learning new skills, solving complex problems, and embracing ownership. We encourage you to bring your best self and ideas to work each day while challenging one another to take risks that promote learning for ourselves, our products, and each other. Our team celebrates diversity in people, backgrounds, and life experiences - with a strong focus on growth and personal development. We're not only building great products, but great people who can help one another be their best.

The people behind the idea

Leadership Team

Mike Travalini

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Mike is Co-Founder and CEO of Mezo. After almost a decade of focusing on maintenance operations for institutional owners, Mike launched Mezo to transform property maintenance. Before Mezo, Mike ran the residential maintenance business unit of a facilities management service provider that managed 100,000 single family rental (SFR) homes. He previously oversaw national maintenance operations at Waypoint Homes, a publicly traded REIT and SFR innovator that owned and managed 20,000 rental homes.

Erin Karam

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Erin is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Mezo. Erin has spent her career working cross-industry, leveraging technology to solve our biggest problems.  After reconnecting with Mike and meeting John, she was instantly hooked not only on property maintenance, but also on the challenge of building an incredible company.  Most recently, Erin spent 6 years as CTO at healthcare startup, Dina, where she led an incredible team bringing healthcare to the home.

John Botica

Chief Growth Officer & Founder

John is Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Mezo. After a painful home maintenance experience, John got curious and started researching the market. He was shocked at the amount of pain in the system and became hooked on the opportunity. After comparing notes with Mike, he decided to team up and launch Mezo. Most recently, John worked at Bain & Company, where he focused on customer & company growth strategy for leading Consumer Products, Private Equity and Retail firms.

The Team

Robert Andere

Maintenance R&D

Elizabeth Archer


Matt Bank


Maria Campana

Special Projects / Operations

Siobhan Fagan

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Jeremy Fensch


Tom Hamilton

VP of Operations

Christien Kerbert

Strategy & Operations Intern

Vivian Kong


Erin Koops

Director of Product Marketing

Alan Macejak

Maintenance R&D

Lorenz Madarang

Data & Analytics

Frank Meza


Jason Rogers

Sr. Software Engineer

Rachel Rubin


Khalil Rutledge


Mike Sabatini

Director of Engineering

Dave Turner

Director of Analytics

Jay Wilson

VP of Customer Success

Why Mezo?

Design to Delight

We create user experiences that are simple, intuitive, and valuable for residents and technicians by making their lives better and anticipating their needs.

Decide with Data

We evaluate our success, discover new insights, & experiment on ways to get better through an orientation towards outcomes and data-based decision making.

Exude our Expertise

We exceed expectations and enable proactive maintenance thanks to our distinctive industry knowledge & ability to meet our users where they need help most.

Care about Quality

We take pride in the quality of what we deliver and continuously improve while demonstrating authentic compassion in the spirit of experiences that exceed expectations.

Build for Tomorrow

We move fast by building iteratively and delivering scalable solutions that are reliable, powerful, and fast from day one while easy for new customers to adopt.

Grow through Diversity

We find strength in our differences and embrace everyone that makes us stronger - enabling us to have fun while building optimal solutions.

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We're not only building great products, but great people who can help one another be their best. Here are the roles we currently have available. If you want to work with us but don't see a role for you, reach out to our team at talent@mezo.io

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