Take the guesswork

out of property


Mezo diagnoses any maintenance issue so technicians can fix a resident’s problem in one trip.

My toilet is broken
Accurate Diagnosis
One-Trip Fixes
Happy Residents
4258 Fanning Street
Austin, Texas
Damaged toilet flapper in
master bathroom.
Repairs & Parts Needed
Adjustable wrench, channel lock pliers, and screwdriver.
- Ok to enter
- Tenant has a small dog

Trusted by owner-operators and property managers overseeing single family, multi-family, and student housing models.

Maintenance today is broken...

Black box for everyone

A confusing experience upfront for residents results in wasted time & money.

Friction for Residents

Existing solutions don’t help residents describe their problem, so they write “broken toilet” when it’s actually a bad flapper valve.

Wasted time for Technicians

Vague work orders usually require follow-up questions to triage and typically take two to three trips to resolve.

Lost money for Operators

Maintenance is real estate owners’ largest controllable cost center, yet the process leads to painful inefficiencies and zero insights no matter your team setup.

...But it doesn't have to be

Work orders rarely reflect reality, which leads to multiple trips and wasted time. A home can’t diagnose itself, but Mezo coaches residents to articulate what's happening in their home and resolve it quickly.


Best-in-class intake & triage

Empower your staff through a solution that provides industry-leading maintenance visibility

Keep your team focused on value-add activities

Assign and schedule work orders 30%+ faster

Enable 1-trip fixes for residents & technicians

Predict & prevent future home failures

Meet Max

Our AI-powered virtual maintenance tool drives best-in-class maintenance intake, diagnosis, scheduling, and fulfillment recommendations for property operators, while keeping everyone updated every step of the way.


Average resident
rating out of 5 stars


of work orders are described accurately


reduction in resolution time


reduction in work order review time

Mezo empowers owners, technicians, and residents to fix issues and get any home back to healthy

Smarter Operators

Property operators gain unprecedented transparency into their maintenance operations to unlock a better resident experience, employee efficiencies, and higher spend control.

Better Equipped Technicians

Intelligent IntakeTM means technicians trust they have the details they need to make quick decisions, bring the right parts, and operate with certainty.

Happier Residents

Residents can describe their problem in their own words, receive coaching to provide important details, and trust their issue will be fixed the first time.

"Mezo makes facilities data usable, which is usually chaotic, by focusing on the front end. They are the right tool for the job to provide perspective on our operations, and Mezo pays for itself with features coaching residents to mitigate damage. They integrate directly with the property management system we currently use and have done a fantastic job of taking feedback and evolving the product."

Jason White

SVP of Asset Management, William Fideli Investments

“Mezo is an extension of my team. They considered my input, integrated it, and improved our experience almost immediately. Mezo has dramatically improved our resolution times, and I’m working with them regularly to build capabilities that will change the game for our maintenance operations.”

Alex Cotto

VP of Property Services, Mynd

"Mezo has been great for our property! Residents receive valuable coaching and my team and I get more details on maintenance concerns – including pictures. Max helps us achieve a quicker turnaround time and assists us in providing exceptional customer service."

Anthony Hicks

Maintenance Supervisor, The Rendezvous

Turn-Key Integrations

Seamless PMS integration eliminates the need for your maintenance techs to adopt new technology. Reach out to learn about other PMS options Mezo offers.


We’re on a Mission

Team Mezo is made of industry professionals, functional experts, creatives, and builders who share a passion to fix home maintenance at the start. We pride ourselves on being collaborative, responsive, and innovative partners eager to help our customer teams – and each other – find ways to unlock new ideas and solutions to unnecessary maintenance ops inefficiency and waste. 



Mezo Named to BuiltWorld's Building Tech 50 List 2023

BuiltWorld's 2023 Building Tech Top 50 List was released and Mezo's Maintenance Intelligence solutions were recognized, joining legacy and emerging building technology leaders in Asset Management.

Mezo Wins IMN Single Family Rental Award for “Landlord/Owner Technology of the Year”

Mezo Recognized for Innovation in the Single-Family Rental space as Landlord / Owner Technology of the Year

Mezo is Transforming Maintenance through Customer Journeys

Mezo is transforming maintenance through rethinking customer journeys, a series of critical resident touchpoints.

Ready to take the guesswork out of maintenance?

Whether you're exploring the centralization of resources for the first time or you’re wanting more visibility into your maintenance operations, we have a program for you.

Turn-Key Integrations

Seamless PMS integration eliminates the need for your maintenance techs to adopt new technology. Reach out to learn about other PMS options Mezo offers.