Introducing Mezo | The Future of Home Maintenance

January 27, 2022

Why is home maintenance so inefficient, costly, and inconvenient for everyone involved? 

That is the question that John and I started working on together in 2020. As someone who has spent my entire career in Real Estate – and a decade focused specifically on maintenance – I know the challenges and costs of maintenance from an owner-operator perspective all too well. Like most of you, we had experienced the pain of maintenance both personally as homeowners and as residents of rental properties. Simply stated, we knew there was a better way.

We spent 2020 learning and evolving rapidly. We were lucky to find great partners who quickly bought into the vision and let us experiment in the field. After initial testing, we were convinced that a) we were on to something and b) we needed to get serious about building best-in-class technology to solve this big problem of maintenance.

2021 was a big year for Mezo.

After formalizing our Mission of Powering Intelligent Home Maintenance, we raised angel funding from industry vets & investment professionals who understand the value that Mezo is creating for owners, technicians and residents. But the two of us knew we were not equipped to build a Tech company! Enter Erin: our early advisor who immediately saw the parallels between her work building a healthcare platform focused on in-home care the past 6 years and our vision for Mezo.

We have big dreams of transforming the massive ($225B!) maintenance industry and, more importantly, creating an incredible, product-led Company. For every hour we have spent focusing on the features & benefits of Product 1, we have talked about values and building a collaborative, remote-first culture and great place to work.

We’ve had the good fortune to build an amazing founding team of industry experts, gifted engineers, and first-class problem solvers. More importantly, we’ve built a team of people who love working together and live our values every day. We are confident that we’ll continue to recruit talented, growth-minded builders who get excited about solving complex problems at the intersection of people and technology.

We are humbled by the support from our early adopters & investors, inspired by Team Mezo, and grateful to be on this journey together.

We have so much more to share. Follow us on LinkedIn. Let’s go!

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