Mezo Announces Seed Funding Round To Accelerate Growth

December 6, 2022

We’re celebrating two years in business at Mezo, which is hard to believe. In many ways the time has flown by alongside a brilliant, hardworking, and passionate team, but it’s also amazing what we’ve been able to achieve in such a short time. 

We’ve built the only property maintenance platform powered by Intelligent Intake™ to finally take the guesswork out of maintenance. Our platform is transforming our customers’ operations today and we're just getting started.

On that note, I’m thrilled to share an update on the next chapter in our journey as announced earlier today in The Commercial Observer: a $6 million seed investment co-led by Chicago Ventures and Building Ventures, with participation from The 81 Collection and a slate of strategic investors. This new capital will fuel our relentless focus on product development and help to scale Mezo’s team as we grow our customer base.

While much went into the shift from idea to our MVP product, I'm proud that our platform is fully-deployed across a number of customers and adding significant value. The feedback we hear is clear - our platform gives property operators unprecedented transparency into their maintenance operations by empowering residents to clearly articulate their issues and enabling technicians to arrive prepared. Some of our customers are even leveraging our technology to centralize their operations. Since my days as an operator overseeing maintenance for 20,000 properties - this is a transformative change.

A huge thank you to Peter Christman, Heather Widman, Travis Connors, and Vijen Patel along with your teams for your support, counsel and belief in our mission of fixing home maintenance at the start. I also want to recognize some of our customers whom we build with in the field, experimenting, testing, and creating for real-world problems. To the teams at Mynd, Tricap, Darwin, and WFI: we’re grateful for your trust in us and we can’t wait to keep innovating with you. 

While what we're building is impressive, I'm most proud of how we partner with our customers and their teams. Our team members collaborate closely with customer operations teams of all shapes and sizes across single family, multi-family, and student housing models as part of our ongoing R&D process. I was heartened to see these partnerships recently recognized with IMN’s 2022 SFR West Landlord/Owner Technology of the Year award to Mezo. If you’re an owner-operator or property manager looking for ways to gain control of your maintenance operations, we’d love to talk to you.

Moments such as these always bring about reflection. I think back to the many trips I took spending time with some of the best maintenance technicians in the business when I oversaw maintenance operations for Waypoint Homes (today Invitation Homes). An average job lasted hours, often starting with going back to the store for a missing part, and it was all happening because the technicians weren’t equipped to deliver great service on their first trip. What I saw was incredibly painful, inefficient, and expensive for everyone involved. That was, as they say, the light bulb moment that’s lit my path for the last two years: one trip resolution. But I wouldn’t have been able to go very far without the light of my co-founders Erin Karam and John Botica, and the entire Team Mezo, who value the power of the word 'no' (what is not possible today) and the inspiration of the word 'yet' (what will be possible). Thank you - you inspire me. And now, back to building!

- Trav

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